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And we’re off to a great start!  Welcome to the Joy-Preneur site where we are dedicated to creating a community of people who are looking to learn about what it truly means to find JOY through entrepreneurship.  

Maybe you’re looking for more joy in your life and want to leave your corporate job, but every time you think about it  fear overtakes you.  So you stay put.

It’s possible that you are looking to scale your company and grow it to it’s full potential – but you hesitate and wonder if that will that create more stress or more joy?

You may have entered entrepreneurship with dreams of following your passion, freedom and independence, only to find that joy has eluded you on the journey. 

How do we discover more joy through business ownership?  To take all the great aspects of creating something we love and serve our local communities all the while finding joy in the day-to-day?


If you’ve been asking these questions, you’re in the right place.

We’ve ask the same questions of ourselves over the years, and have a network of people we’ll be bringing together to help answer some of these tough questions.  What we’ve found is that…

Yes, it’s possible.

And it’s hard to go at it alone.

Being part of a community of people who have been there, and can share their experiences together, makes joyfulness even more possible.

So let’s soar together.


And bookmark this site, follow us on Instagram + Facebook, and stay tuned! 

We have great things in store.

Women Taking the Lead

podcast feature

Last month I had the wonderful honor of being part of Jodi Flynn’s podcast, Women Take the Lead.  We talked about my wake up call, style of leadership, and how I practice ongoing improvement.  One thing we talked about quite a bit is that:

Culture is the one thing you cannot delegate

I made this mistake once, and it cost me countless hours of time and considerable financial decline before I realized what was happening and recovered from it.

Interested in hearing more?

Join my conversation with Jodi Flynn on Women Taking the Lead as I share the practices and mindset I have taken on to see my business to success.


After fifteen years of running a business, I’ve found that joy is a continually elusive aspiration.   Some days it’s easy to find with a thrilled customer survey or a excited team member.  Other days it can be more difficult to feel like we are making progress towards our goals.  A technology glitch, an upset customer, or missing an important milestone can feel so discouraging.

I what I do with a deep passion. But (like any job) being an entrepreneur wears on you over time. So as fifteen years has come and gone, I’ve been thinking about the ways I find long-term joy in my work in those tough days or weeks.



It’s a blissfully snowy day and I’m in my cozy winter clothes, taking a little break while my kids nap. Such sublime stillness surrounds us this time of year. It’s a perfect time to reflect on the previous year and organize the one ahead (all before the kids wake up, of course!).

According to a study done by Gail Matthews at Dominican University, those who wrote down their goals accomplished significantly more than those who didn’t. To many of us, this isn’t a great surprise. There’s something about the process of writing down our goals that increases our level of commitment and accountability.


Life is full of demands and chaos, and yet, up until now we all felt pressured to follow the phenomenon kindly called “social media image crafting.” It suggests that, despite the private chaos that is a working woman’s life, we need to display an orderly existence.  I came across this video recently on the recommendation of a friend, and was reminded as to how much pressure we are under as women and mothers!