02: Running to a Joyful Life with Kari Gormley


Welcome! Our guest today is Kari Gormley, who hosts The Running Lifestyle podcast. Kari has had obstacles to overcome, but has taken a meandering path to a beautiful, joyful, and energetic experience as an entrepreneur. We are excited to share with you this fun, inspiring, and juicy interview! Let’s chat with Kari!

What you’ll hear in this episode:

  • How Kari’s passion for running, transformation, and travel led her to launch her podcast
  • Kari’s world travels
  • Why Kari is passionate about helping people get healthier
  • Valuable experience from her sales background
  • Transitioning to a more purposeful life—after 9/11
  • In 2003, back to the US—and sales, again
  • How Kari found her husband through a Google search (Yes, you read that right!)
  • Marriage and following the dream to be a Weight Watchers facilitator
  • A difficult pregnancy, family move to Delaware, and postpartum depression
  • 2011-Kari became a consistent runner, trained for a marathon, and discovered PODCASTS!
  • Why Kari started her own podcast
  • The power of positive media—through podcasts!
  • Why starting out was overwhelming with TOO many decisions
  • FEAR—Will people really listen to me?
  • Acknowledge your fear (Kari even gave her fear a name!)
  • Be in the driver’s seat!
  • Why we need to develop leaders
  • Teaching theories and philosophies, and not scripts
  • Why you need to hire people with strengths outside your own
  • Kari’s formula for work happiness
  • Mixing friends and family with business—Good or Bad?
  • Kari’s struggles with adult ADD
  • Why she loves the opportunities to talk with experts
  • From a favorite book, (see Resources below) Kari shares 6 Key Things to “Make It” in this World
  • Personal change in profound ways!
  • Why commitment is more powerful than fear
  • The biggest change for Kari came through meditation
  • JOY—from hearing feedback about her podcast
  • The greatest opportunity for entrepreneurs? Creating destiny
  • Financial mistakes=TUITION!
  • JOY-from wonderful experiences and from being SEEN and HEARD
  • The temptation of a one-person brand
  • What is one thing that you do every day that increases joyfulness as an entrepreneur? “I think it revolves around gratitude. I keep a gratitude journal and write in it every day. I also have a gratitude jar in the kitchen into which the whole family contributes notes.


http://www.therunninglifestyle.com  Find Kari on Facebook and Twitter, too!

To Sell is Human by Daniel Pink

Go Wild by Dr. John Ratey


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