04: Connecting Your Purpose to Your Work with Bryan Klein



Today’s guest is Bryan Klein of The Max Challenge Fitness franchise. Bryan has the ability to connect his deep purpose in a meaningful way to his work—this brings JOY! Bryan’s focus, energy, and passion are evident in everything he does! His philosophy is that it’s less about the “business,” but more about what he can DO for his clients. He possesses great financial security, which is not the GOAL, but the by-product of the way he looks at his business. Join us!

What you’ll hear in this episode:

How Bryan formed his entrepreneurial plans at age 10!

By age 25, THREE martial arts schools open!

Following dreams

The trauma and stress of a difficult pregnancy for his wife

Unhealthy lifestyle and overweight

A 2-lb. baby son!

Bryan’s promise to be the best that he could be for his son

Creating the health club that he couldn’t find

Now: 78 locations either open or in development (in just four years!)

Mindset shifts


The entrepreneur, the manager, and the technician

The plan for franchisees

Actively listening to feedback

Connecting to customers and the mission

Self-awareness is the KEY

“My role—to grow and protect our core values”

Mindsets vs. Limiting Beliefs

The #1 Limiting Belief that holds entrepreneurs back!

Aiming HIGH

Not problems, but opportunities

Bryan’s daily habits:  “Act as if. . .”, gratefulness, and a pep talk every morning




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