05: Making Your Own Rules with Dallas Shaw



My guest today is Dallas Shaw, a fashion celebrity, and the go-to person in the fashion industry. Dallas has worked with every magazine and every fashion designer in the industry as a coveted illustrator and luxury project designer. She has wonderful nuggets of wisdom to share about her entrepreneurial journey because she throws every rule out the window! Join us!

In this episode, Dallas also discusses:

  • Starting out as a fashion illustrator for Disney
  • How Dallas has become a personality in the fashion industry
  • Working as a visual consultant and doing illustration ambassadorships for luxury clients
  • Dallas’ new book coming out in 2017!
  • Ambassadorships: What are they?
  • Why Dallas has the “dream job” many people crave
  • Not just the “pretty moments”
  • Experiencing self-doubt
  • How social media contributes to self-doubt
  • Shut down the negativity!
  • The biggest lesson in Dallas’ career!
  • How to move through self-doubt? Look back!
  • Why a support system is SO important
  • Making life adjustments and mindset shifts
  • How and when to re-evaluate
  • Characteristics of companies with their founder at the helm
  • Entrepreneurs: visionaries at heart
  • The cutthroat fashion industry (Why you need a bulletproof vest!)
  • Surprised by the directions and the deadlines
  • Find the positivity!
  • Why Dallas WON’T deal with ego!
  • Being intentional about YES and NO
  • Dallas’ advice: Do what you love—what you REALLY love! Just START!
  • Overcoming the fear of what other people think
  • Dangers of over-thinking



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