07: Become a Better Leader by Achieving Your Best Self with Karissa Thacker


 My guest today is a friend, mentor, colleague, and author. Karissa Thacker is a coach and trainer for entrepreneurs and executives. She understands the psychology of leaders and loves sharing her wisdom to make them even better! Her new book is The Art of Authenticity. Join us for this conversation!

What you’ll hear in this episode:

  • Why entrepreneurial thinking is a part of everything Karissa does
  • Authenticity: Why it’s the focus of her book
  • The two flavors of charisma
  • Marketing with social media
  • Maslow’s research: When do you feel most alive?
  • More meaning, more purpose, and more risk
  • Why anxiety and excitement are the same neurologically
  • What it means to be transparent
  • Being true to your ideal self, real self, and ought self
  • Find your BEST self
  • “Reptile moments”
  • Being intentional about culture as a founder
  • How to know whether you need to “notch it up” or “lighten up”
  • Notice people’s strengths
  • Train your brain to see a broad picture of behavior



The Art of Authenticity by Karissa Thacker

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