08: The Joy of Knowing Your Why with Shelly Sun


Our guest today is Shelly Sun, a mentor, friend, and the founder/CEO of BrightStar Care. She exemplifies confidence, passion, and energy. Regardless of the size of your business, Shelly has much to offer about the WHY of what you do. She’s inspiring, responsible, resilient, and a powerhouse hugger! Shelly is the author of the bestselling book Grow Smart, Risk Less and has even been featured on Undercover Boss. Join us!

What you’ll hear in this episode:

  • Shelly’s joy and gratefulness for the team that allows it all to work
  • Why Shelly is always looking to expand and to give back
  • The entrepreneurial itch to reinvent something new
  • Where self-confidence comes from
  • Why women struggle to overcome limiting beliefs
  • Over-preparing and over-compensating
  • How to foster confidence with Shelly’s “1-3-1 rule”
  • The challenges of talent changes
  • Consistent systems and processes
  • How to find joy in business
  • Passion is crucial to joy
  • How Shelly began in BrightStar Care
  • Recognizing resiliency and keeping focused on value
  • How to “enjoy the journey”
  • Things that bring joy and things that don’t
  • Don’t try to be perfect
  • Three things that bring Shelly joy: kissing her boys, working out, and spending quality time with her team in the office




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