09: The Joy of Transformation with Lara Casey


Lara Casey is an author, magazine editor, and entrepreneur. Lara has an amazing energy and she has so much great advice for entrepreneurs. She has a transformation story that is so inspiring. With each transformation, she started getting closer to her authentic self. It’s been an amazing journey to watch. Some people have such fear around transformation, but she just embraced it and went with her gut.


Listen to this episode as Lara discusses:

  • How she transformed her business
  • How to change your business if your business no longer aligns with your values
  • Ways her transformation has affected her joyfulness
  • What vulnerability means to her and how it affects her business
  • Why you can’t lose sight of your mission and purpose
  • Why she isn’t operating her company as a faith-based company
  • Why Lara is exactly where she needs to be…..today
  • How to deal with the pressure to perform
  • Why it’s important to plant seeds, even if you don’t know what will come of it
  • How to know where your true treasure is
  • What success really means
  • Why success is the journey

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