11: The Joy of Resilience

Welcome Joypreneurs! These next few weeks, we are here to digest some of the lessons we have learned from interviewing all of these amazing entrepreneurs for the show! So we hope you enjoy these mini-episodes as we review and highlight some of the key lessons we have learned about business.

You have to keep the entrepreneurial dream alive! You can’t let someone squash it for you! Be positive and keep that passion burning. 

You have to be an unbridled believer in the possibility of your business.


What does it take to make it as an entrepreneur? Resilience!

You have to be able to adapt, change and grow for the good of keeping your dream alive!

  • The times when you struggle the most are also the times when we grow the most
  • How do you change the course when entrepreneurship took you where you didn’t intend to go? This is where the 3 keys to resilience come into play!

3 Keys to Resilience:

  1. Accept the reality that things aren’t going the way you intended and shift your direction.
  2. View every problem as an opportunity to get better
  3. Reconnect with your vision an mission

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