13: The Joy of Living Out Your Values Everyday

It’s the last of our mini-episodes, as we look back on the lessons we have learned from the interviews during season 1 of the podcast. Today, we are talking about living out your values every day. Sometimes, especially in business, this is easier said than done, however when your business adheres to the values it embraces, whether they are profitable or not, you can really separate your business from the competition.

Listen today as Laura and Lindsay discuss:

  • Values are a huge part of how we operate 
  • Sales people are often portrayed as not authentic 
  • Being intentional and working from your core – that’s authenticity! 
  • How the choices you make dictate your values 
  • Living out your values and setting your intentions 
  • Getting distracted from your values is easy 
  • Why you should always go back to your why 
  • You should be the most positive influence in your own business 
  • Celebrate people who live out their values 
  • Values should push you 
  • The higher your position, the more of a target you are 
  • Know what you stand for 
  • Fall in love with you intentions 


Karissa Thacker “The Art of Authenticity”

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