The Secret To Regaining Control Over Your Week

Run your life, instead of it running you

Do you often find yourself reacting, responding, and struggling to keep up? Sometimes before you manage to take care of one situation at work or at home, another one pops up! You jump from immediate need to immediate need without ever getting a chance to dig deep and tackle your ever-growing to-do list. You feel stuck in one place as if you’re drowning in requests all requiring your immediate reply.
How to regain control of your week
When this happens, your big picture goals seem impossible to accomplish. You look back on your day and say to yourself: “What did I even get done today? I worked a lot, but don’t feel like I made any progress.”

Why your business’s “why” is critical

Distractions are everywhere when you’re trying to grow a company.  The “why” of how you started may begin to fade away as the details of implementation begin to take over.  It takes focus and discipline to keep your “why” in the forefront as you grow.
how to write your business's why
Little Nest Portraits started out with a fantastic shared purpose (aka our “why”) of bringing high quality accessible photographic artwork to families in a stylish, convenient setting.  The big dreams for how the teams would operate drove our daily work, and the magical way in which our brand would bring joy to the lives of others kept us excited.  This idea was quickly brought to fruition by one of my closest friends, Lindsay, who ran our very first studio for many years.  She is a master at taking a beginning concept and bringing it to life in every nuance of how a company operates.

The Joy Formula: Avoiding Panic + Resisting Comfort

How stay in your most joyful learning mode

If you’re anything like me, I start to become uncomfortable when I’m not being stretched.  My mind begins swirling around with all sorts of new ideas, hungry to begin creating something new.  Funny enough, my comfort zone isn’t very comfortable to me! 
On the other hand, panic mode is on the opposite end of comfort – it’s when we’re operating  beyond our capabilities or work experience and major stress and anxiety begins to set in.