08: The Joy of Knowing Your Why with Shelly Sun


Our guest today is Shelly Sun, a mentor, friend, and the founder/CEO of BrightStar Care. She exemplifies confidence, passion, and energy. Regardless of the size of your business, Shelly has much to offer about the WHY of what you do. She’s inspiring, responsible, resilient, and a powerhouse hugger! Shelly is the author of the bestselling book Grow Smart, Risk Less and has even been featured on Undercover Boss. Join us!

What you’ll hear in this episode:

  • Shelly’s joy and gratefulness for the team that allows it all to work
  • Why Shelly is always looking to expand and to give back
  • The entrepreneurial itch to reinvent something new
  • Where self-confidence comes from
  • Why women struggle to overcome limiting beliefs
  • Over-preparing and over-compensating
  • How to foster confidence with Shelly’s “1-3-1 rule”
  • The challenges of talent changes
  • Consistent systems and processes
  • How to find joy in business
  • Passion is crucial to joy
  • How Shelly began in BrightStar Care
  • Recognizing resiliency and keeping focused on value
  • How to “enjoy the journey”
  • Things that bring joy and things that don’t
  • Don’t try to be perfect
  • Three things that bring Shelly joy: kissing her boys, working out, and spending quality time with her team in the office




07: Become a Better Leader by Achieving Your Best Self with Karissa Thacker


 My guest today is a friend, mentor, colleague, and author. Karissa Thacker is a coach and trainer for entrepreneurs and executives. She understands the psychology of leaders and loves sharing her wisdom to make them even better! Her new book is The Art of Authenticity. Join us for this conversation!

What you’ll hear in this episode:

  • Why entrepreneurial thinking is a part of everything Karissa does
  • Authenticity: Why it’s the focus of her book
  • The two flavors of charisma
  • Marketing with social media
  • Maslow’s research: When do you feel most alive?
  • More meaning, more purpose, and more risk
  • Why anxiety and excitement are the same neurologically
  • What it means to be transparent
  • Being true to your ideal self, real self, and ought self
  • Find your BEST self
  • “Reptile moments”
  • Being intentional about culture as a founder
  • How to know whether you need to “notch it up” or “lighten up”
  • Notice people’s strengths
  • Train your brain to see a broad picture of behavior



The Art of Authenticity by Karissa Thacker

06: Finding Joy in Sales and Marketing with Sarah Petty


Welcome to an interview with a longtime friend, Sarah Petty. Sarah is a colleague in the photography business, a best-selling author, speaker, and a lover of sales and marketing. You’ll find this conversation inspiring, and you just might learn something about connecting with people effectively. Sarah has great wisdom in bringing joy to the world of sales and marketing—and she’s here to share with us. Join us!

What you’ll hear in this episode:

  • How to joyfully embrace the world of sales and marketing
  • Learn to listen to what the customer wants
  • Blend your techniques and confidence
  • The shift when sales becomes a PERSONAL matter
  • The fear of failing 
  • How to hone skills and gain confidence
  • Rewarding clients with your best work
  • How Sarah “chunks” her weekdays
  • Playing the “Slug Bug” game
  • A relationship-selling mindset
  • How to NOT be too “sales-y”
  • The Influence Skills
  • How to warm up people and get their guard down
  • Build rapport
  • How does Sarah find JOY every day? Through her lifestyle filter, delegation, and creating days of focus




05: Making Your Own Rules with Dallas Shaw



My guest today is Dallas Shaw, a fashion celebrity, and the go-to person in the fashion industry. Dallas has worked with every magazine and every fashion designer in the industry as a coveted illustrator and luxury project designer. She has wonderful nuggets of wisdom to share about her entrepreneurial journey because she throws every rule out the window! Join us!

In this episode, Dallas also discusses:

  • Starting out as a fashion illustrator for Disney
  • How Dallas has become a personality in the fashion industry
  • Working as a visual consultant and doing illustration ambassadorships for luxury clients
  • Dallas’ new book coming out in 2017!
  • Ambassadorships: What are they?
  • Why Dallas has the “dream job” many people crave
  • Not just the “pretty moments”
  • Experiencing self-doubt
  • How social media contributes to self-doubt
  • Shut down the negativity!
  • The biggest lesson in Dallas’ career!
  • How to move through self-doubt? Look back!
  • Why a support system is SO important
  • Making life adjustments and mindset shifts
  • How and when to re-evaluate
  • Characteristics of companies with their founder at the helm
  • Entrepreneurs: visionaries at heart
  • The cutthroat fashion industry (Why you need a bulletproof vest!)
  • Surprised by the directions and the deadlines
  • Find the positivity!
  • Why Dallas WON’T deal with ego!
  • Being intentional about YES and NO
  • Dallas’ advice: Do what you love—what you REALLY love! Just START!
  • Overcoming the fear of what other people think
  • Dangers of over-thinking



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04: Connecting Your Purpose to Your Work with Bryan Klein



Today’s guest is Bryan Klein of The Max Challenge Fitness franchise. Bryan has the ability to connect his deep purpose in a meaningful way to his work—this brings JOY! Bryan’s focus, energy, and passion are evident in everything he does! His philosophy is that it’s less about the “business,” but more about what he can DO for his clients. He possesses great financial security, which is not the GOAL, but the by-product of the way he looks at his business. Join us!

What you’ll hear in this episode:

How Bryan formed his entrepreneurial plans at age 10!

By age 25, THREE martial arts schools open!

Following dreams

The trauma and stress of a difficult pregnancy for his wife

Unhealthy lifestyle and overweight

A 2-lb. baby son!

Bryan’s promise to be the best that he could be for his son

Creating the health club that he couldn’t find

Now: 78 locations either open or in development (in just four years!)

Mindset shifts


The entrepreneur, the manager, and the technician

The plan for franchisees

Actively listening to feedback

Connecting to customers and the mission

Self-awareness is the KEY

“My role—to grow and protect our core values”

Mindsets vs. Limiting Beliefs

The #1 Limiting Belief that holds entrepreneurs back!

Aiming HIGH

Not problems, but opportunities

Bryan’s daily habits:  “Act as if. . .”, gratefulness, and a pep talk every morning