Life is full of demands and chaos, and yet, up until now we all felt pressured to follow the phenomenon kindly called “social media image crafting.” It suggests that, despite the private chaos that is a working woman’s life, we need to display an orderly existence.  I came across this video recently on the recommendation of a friend, and was reminded as to how much pressure we are under as women and mothers!

At some point in history, all women — myself included — sat around a fire pit, pricked a finger, and did a pinky promise to self-inflict the burden of perfectionism upon themselves.  But will we look back at that scrambling with gratitude?

No one invited us to the party. We weren’t coerced. We simply showed up, shouted “count me in!” and watched the 24/7 party take shape.

Up until this tipping point, tendencies toward perfectionism at work, in our homes, and on our online profiles has been a weight we’re dragging around like an imprisoned felon.  

And, by the way, continuing to pretend it’s all perfect on our Instagram profiles is only adding fuel to every other woman’s fire.  The after-effect of perfect homes, perfect projects at work, and perfect little children is a state of limited joy. And it’s about time we join together and change that.

We need to start a new, kinder cocktail hour! One where we forgive ourselves for leaving out one part of the work assignment, because we know it’d be better to get it done sooner and hammer that lingering item out as a group. Or be okay with letting it go when a few nights out of the week when we don’t craft a perfect meal for dinner. Or happily greet a friend at our door even when our home looks “lived in” and unkempt.

most of all, we (and I!) need to remember that:

  • Our purpose is greater than perfection. The reason we’re here and the goals we’re setting out to accomplish are much grander than the appearance of order.
  • There’s beauty in the chaos. Your life is real. It’s chaotic. And let’s face it — that probably isn’t changing. Neither is the fact that it’s truly beautiful as it is.
  • There’s grace in honesty. Honesty and humility are two of the most gracious traits a woman can own. Embrace them — especially when it comes to being honest and humble with yourself.

What are you doing to challenge your own way of living in 2016?  Mine is to look back someday and be grateful for where I put my energy and focus, just like the women in this video.



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