How to make your dream a reality

Have you ever watched someone make a sweeping decision about changing their life or business, and then you watch in amazement as it comes to life before your eyes?

Maybe they improved something personal in their lives, like suddenly eating so healthfully that the next time you saw them their eyes are sparkled and they looked like a new person.

Or, maybe they dreamed about starting a business, then, just like that the dream began to unfold into reality.

How to make your dream a reality

As Little Nest Portraits grows, I think back to where we were several years ago. We just had two local studios humming along and a big dream to grow Little Nest Portraits into a national brand. We had no idea how to do that or what tools to use, and we weren’t even connected with anyone who had the skills to help us.

We simply had a dream that we knew would one day come to life.

Years later after raising funds, growing a talented leadership team, and many hours pouring our hearts and souls into making this happen, we have grown Little Nest Portraits to nine locations either open or under construction! It’s a pretty incredible feeling to see it come to fruition.

So how did we take the idea from dream to reality?

1. Ask for help. As entrepreneurs, we naturally think it’s our job to do everything ourselves. But rarely does that get us to where we want to be. We’ve learned to ask anyone and everyone for assistance and pray for God’s guidance in our decision making every day as we grow.

2. Take it one step at a time. Looking at taking the dream as a whole can be very overwhelming, but breaking our goals down into quarters, months and days has made it possible. We’re big fans of EOS strategy tools (their book “Traction” is available here), and we use them to take our vision and mission into steps that we all follow each week.

3. Be patient and persistent. We have made a conscious decision to grow slowly, especially at first. One of the biggest risks to a business is to grow too quickly, so we have strong support precluding our growth model. As we persist through challenges, we learn so much and then roll those learning opportunities into scalable precesses as we grow.

Sometimes a stroke of luck will catapult you forward, or a tough setback will make you wonder if your dream was meant to be. We’ve watched far too many people allow themselves to be discouraged while they are in the process of working toward their dreams.

Stay focused, believe you can, and never underestimate the power of persistence.

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