Joy In Transformation

How we can all be a little more super

Every now and then–seemingly out of the blue–my two-year-old opens the closet door, points up at his superhero cape, and says, “swuper, swuper!” As I carefully Velcro the satiny cape around his neck, he takes off as it flies behind him, the little imprinted “J” trailing out of sight.

All of the sudden, he has become Super Josh.

The truth is we all have the ability to be super. We can be super at anytime in the day, or anytime in our life.
Bring out your inner superhero

Being super is a conscious decision.

What does being super look like when you’re an entrepreneur?

It means that we look fear in the eye and decide to process it instead of react to it. It means that we look at every challenge as a learning opportunity, instead of a problem. It means that when we make a commitment, we follow through with it.

Being a superhero is a lot like being an entrepreneur. We have the ability to guide others into a better quality of life, better leadership, better versions of themselves.

Being a superhero means that we help other people find their inner superhero by first finding it within ourselves.

In every superhero story, there’s a villain. What’s ours?

Fear around money. Fear of making mistakes. And the nagging worry that we’re not “good enough”.

Another hidden villain that creeps around every now and then is complacency in your current situation. Sometimes the “devil we know” is easier to face than the uncertainty of making a change.

Transforming into a superhero

Transformation takes commitment and community, and changing your mindset certainly doesn’t happen overnight. We have to make very conscious and intentional decisions about our daily life in order to move toward our goals.

Here are some of the things that help bring out my inner superhero:

– my gratitude journal
– pinboards to help me visualize my future and make it more tangible
– surrounding myself with people who lift me up and support my dreams

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