Joy In Transformation

How we can all be a little more super

Every now and then–seemingly out of the blue–my two-year-old opens the closet door, points up at his superhero cape, and says, “swuper, swuper!” As I carefully Velcro the satiny cape around his neck, he takes off as it flies behind him, the little imprinted “J” trailing out of sight.

All of the sudden, he has become Super Josh.

The truth is we all have the ability to be super. We can be super at anytime in the day, or anytime in our life.
Bring out your inner superhero

Being super is a conscious decision.

The customer service road less traveled

teaching the use good judgement or how to follow policy?

When training our teams on guest experience over the years, I’ve found that new employees often want to know exactly how to respond to Every. Possible. Scenario.

What is the exact script when we answer the phone? How do we handle it when someone misunderstands what we’re trying to sell? What are the exact steps to follow when a guest is unhappy?

The options are often overwhelming.

What's better: teaching someone to use good judgement or follow policy

Why I’m against customer labeling

The unfortunate beach debacle

As the masseuse whispered that the massage was over, I didn’t feel a typical sense of disappointment that I would normally feel when relaxing bliss ends. Instead, I remembered that I booked this massage as a means of checking out the hotel it’s in.

Not for just myself, but for my kids and husband, too.

Why I'm against customer labeling

You see, my family and I set out on a vacation in the majestic area of Hudson Valley, New York this past week. With the tree-studded hills, natural streams and fresh water beaches, we knew it would offer a little something for everyone — even our two small boys.

The many benefits of offsite meetings

Why to make time away from your desk

In the hustle and bustle of work, all entrepreneurs — even joypreneurs — have a tendency to put our nose to the grindstone and get stuff done. We barely have time for a Starbucks run, never mind yet another meeting, or — gasp! — an offsite retreat.

But as Forbes reported:

When designed and executed well, in-person offsites generate benefits that simply can’t be replicated. And today’s best offsites aren’t anything like the old model of the top-down information dump. Instead, they encourage — and expect — everyone to contribute and engage.”

I wanted to take the Little Nest team on an offsite meeting for a long time. And I felt it was time to carve out a day and make it happen.

I scheduled the offsite a few months in advance to make sure my entire leadership team was available and chose a nice, inspiring local venue called Grace Winery at Sweetwater Farm.

The day of our offsite finally arrived and I couldn’t be more excited!

My kids helped me pack everything I needed as we headed out the door.
Reasons for offsite meetings

What to do when nothing goes your way

And how to get what you want out of life

As you pursue your entrepreneurial dreams and your life goals, adversity is going to happen. There isn’t anyone that made it to the top without it. Yet, at times, adversity can make you wanna not only throw in the towel, but rip it up in frustration, too.

So if everyone faces adversity — even those that are able to make their dreams come true — how do they differ?

I wondered this, so I took the time to research what it took for those people to make it to the top. I wanted to know the true story behind the adversity they faced and how they not only overcame it, but found the energy to keep going despite it.

What to do when nothing goes your way

Throughout my career I’ve been fortunate to meet and get to know sports celebrities, high achieving business-people, and really wonderful friends.