13: The Joy of Living Out Your Values Everyday

It’s the last of our mini-episodes, as we look back on the lessons we have learned from the interviews during season 1 of the podcast. Today, we are talking about living out your values every day. Sometimes, especially in business, this is easier said than done, however when your business adheres to the values it embraces, whether they are profitable or not, you can really separate your business from the competition.

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12: The Joy of Working Within Your Strengths

We’re taking a look back at some of the best lessons we have learned from all of the episodes of Season 1. Today we are going to be talking about working within our strengths. There’s a lot of pressure sometimes to do everything in your business, but you can truly begin to work in your zone of genius when you focus your greatest efforts in your areas of strength. Listen as we explain all the ramifications of making this change!


Join Laura and Lindsay as they discuss:


  1. Understanding what you’re good at and saying yes to those things, but no to things that don’t empower you is important. 
  2. Being deliberate is important 
  3. Saying yes to everything can hurt you 
  4. We’re our hardest critics 
  5. Focus can be scary 
  6. A leap of faith leaves space for opportunity 
  7. Be good at what you pursue 
  8. Know if you’re uncomfortable because you don’t know it or because you’re not good at it 
  9. You have to understand what drives your business 
  10. Developing confidence makes your business easier 
  11. Have people who can work in the areas you’re not as strong in 
  12. Working relationships can strain business if you let them go too far 
  13. Being aware of your strengths 



11: The Joy of Resilience

These next few weeks, we are here to digest some of the lessons we have learned from interviewing all of these amazing entrepreneurs for the show!

You have to keep the entrepreneurial dream alive! You can’t let someone squash it for you! Be positive and keep that passion burning. You have to be an unbridled believer in the possibility of your business.


What does it take to make it as an entrepreneur? Resilience!


You have to be able to adapt, change and grow for the good of keeping your dream alive!

3 Keys to Resilience:

  1. Accept the reality that things aren’t going the way you intended and shift your direction.
  2. View every problem as an opportunity to get better
  3. Reconnect with your vision and mission

10: The Joy of Rediscovering Your Path with Russ Perry

My guest today is Russ Perry, founder and owner of Design Pickle, a graphic design company headquartered in Scottsdale, AZ. Russ’s team of design professionals work with clients all over the world, and Russ is a self-described “former creative agency refugee.” Join us for a great conversation full of inspiration to find what you want, even when it means leaving something behind!


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08: The Joy of Transformations with Lara Casey

Lara Casey – Author, magazine editor, entrepreneur. Lara has an amazing energy and she has so much great advice for entrepreneurs. She has a transformation story that is so inspiring. With each transformation, she started getting closer to her authentic self. It’s been an amazing journey to watch. Some people have such fear around transformation, but she just embraced it and went with her gut.

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