the fear factor

How to look fear in the face and keep going

As entrepreneurs, we constantly try to figure out how to avoid bad things from happening. We spend so much time trying to leap over pitfalls, that we lose sight of what really drives our business.

Our businesses are an extension of ourselves, especially at the smaller stages where it feels like there is less margin for error. When your business hurts, you hurt.

And nothing slows you down from achieving your goals more than fear.

Fear factor

Fear can stop you in your tracks.

Fear can elongate the time it takes to reach your goals.

Fear can paralyze you from making decisions.

Fear can cause you to wait until things are “perfect”.

Fear can take you in a different direction than you really want.

Fear makes you reactive and places you into a scarcity mindset.

As an experienced entrepreneur, I know what this feels like at a gut level. It feels like a lose-lose.

However, a deep breath and plowing into your fear will take you to where you need to go. When it shows up, it is important to recognize it, because otherwise fear can take over your subconscious.

How do you become more aware of fear?

The first step is accepting that fear is natural. Naming it brings it to the surface. Where is it in your body? Where is it ruminating on the hamster wheel in your mind? Identifying it makes processing fear possible.

Then, start figuring out what pieces are real. Contrast those with the elements of fear that are made up stories about something that may or may not happen. Sometimes, fear shows up simply because we need to learn something.

The smartest decisions are made from a mindset of abundance. Fear robs you of realizing everything that’s already working and pushing your business in the right direction. You have to acknowledge all the information you have and not allow fear to cloud your decisions. You honor yourself and your business when you make decisions from a position of clarity, compassion for all the elements, and confidence in a greater good.

How Little Nest helps mitigate fear:

The beauty of the franchise, Little Nest Portraits, is that you are part of a group of people who have been there. While it’s impossible to avoid every fall, surrounding yourself with a support system softens the impact.

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