Welcome to Joy-Preneur

A community of joyful entrepreneurs

And we’re off to a great start!  Welcome to the Joy-Preneur site where we are dedicated to creating a community of people who are looking to learn about what it truly means to find JOY through entrepreneurship.  

Maybe you’re looking for more joy in your life and want to leave your corporate job, but every time you think about it  fear overtakes you.  So you stay put.

It’s possible that you are looking to scale your company and grow it to it’s full potential – but you hesitate and wonder if that will that create more stress or more joy?

You may have entered entrepreneurship with dreams of following your passion, freedom and independence, only to find that joy has eluded you on the journey. 

How do we discover more joy through business ownership?  To take all the great aspects of creating something we love and serve our local communities all the while finding joy in the day-to-day?


If you’ve been asking these questions, you’re in the right place.

We’ve ask the same questions of ourselves over the years, and have a network of people we’ll be bringing together to help answer some of these tough questions.  What we’ve found is that…

Yes, it’s possible.

And it’s hard to go at it alone.

Being part of a community of people who have been there, and can share their experiences together, makes joyfulness even more possible.

So let’s soar together.


And bookmark this site, follow us on Instagram + Facebook, and stay tuned! 

We have great things in store.

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